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You imagine it , we create it


You come to us with an idea, or we can come to you, and together create your specification. Then the magic can begin.


Development is controled with agile methods, with regular deliverable stages allowing customer interaction and product evolution.

"Ideas create functions / functions create ideas"


And so a product is born, implementation may be a simple launch, turn on, or activate, but for others it could be integration into a bigger system that requires training and support.


A closer examination of the kind of things we can do.

Mobile app development

We bring to you enterprise mobility services that allow you to operate your regular enterprise transactions through mobile devices. We provide full stack mobile development services in Android, iOS and Windows.

Web & SCADA Interface's

From the very best of websites / portals or web services to multy function SCADA interface's bringing automation to your fingertips, we can offer them all.

Business Intelligence & Big Data Analytics

We provide Business Intelligence (BI) Services and big data analytic services to help enterprises in decision making. Our solutions provide insights into sales, markets, products, customers, partners, employees and operations.

CMS & eCommerce

We offers you a diverse set of services such as ERP Development, CRM Development and CRM Solutions that is tailored to your needs. Our team is experienced in developing the perfect ERP/CRM system that contains all the necessary specifications to meet all your requirements. We regularly update our technology and programming tools to the latest available in the market, so as to offer you the best services and solutions.

PLC & Factory Automation Software

We are Omron Integrators, however we do develop and service a wide variety of PLC makes, and have the latest development kits for companies like Siemens & Allen Bradley etc. So if you require a PLC engineer you have come to he right place.

Electronic Design & Manufacture

We design and build bespoke electronic devices, from simple RFiD Control boards, to Multy Network High Security monitoring tools.

Product Security & Cyber Threat Control

It needs to be here, unfortunately. However we are working with many large companies to build those simple defences that can stop intrusion and loss of your industrial secrets

Motion & Robotic Control

Motion control is a special kind of software, with particular attention to dynamic movement, alignment and merging. This kind of software is where we started, and it has come along way over the years and now we develop some complex robotic machines incorporating vision systems that could catch a falling apple from a tree.


Secure Technologies has been involved in many projects over the years, and we are very proud of our success. Our customers range from working with the general public on domestic projects through to large systems for companies like ABF (Associated British Foods). We have been given the honor of writing some very special software from stock control for Toys ‘R’ Us, through to more complex large scale, multisite, multiplatform, cloud enabled, Health & Safety tools for HSE executives. We wrote the software controlling the Marina’s on Palm Island in Dubai and for the F1 Racetrack Marina in Abu Dhabi, we even found ourselves writing software tracing contaminated meat products through Abattoirs (BSE). We have designed / Installed & Implemented Robotic solutions for materials handling, pick and place, hazardous applications etc. Our PCB design team have created bespoke Ethernet based remote com’s modules for Aggreko, bespoke RFiD reader / writers, I could go on, but I won’t, We are worth a call!.

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